Summer Fundraiser

You can never outgive God


Each year, St Mary’s Church gives a minimum of 10% of all monies received to charity. We believe in being a generous church to those around us. We support a wide range of charities and causes, local, national and international.  We do this through special events and activities as well as direct donations from our members and church funds. 

Summer Fundraiser - July - Sepetember 2016

In addition, each year we focus on raising funds for a particular local organisation/charity via our Summer Fundraiser campaign. Last year, we raised over £1400 to support the homeless in Peterborough via the Winter Night Shelter project.

This year, we aimed to raise £1,500 by the end of September, with proceeds to help fund improvements to the church, thus benefitting the communities that use our church and centre and at least 50% will be given to our chosen charity, Peterborough and Fenland Mind The charity promotes good mental health and develops and runs services and projects to help serve local people with mental health problems including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and eating disorders.



We are pleased to announce that we had a very successful campaign and raised a huge
£2,560 for the charity!

Members of the congregation thought of many creative ways of raising money and, in true St Mary’s fashion, everyone got behind their endeavours. It was also lovely to have others join us from the wider community, including families and friends. Events and activities included: A Swing concert, a Gospel concert, swimming lessons, a play morning and cake sale, a treasure hunt and strawberry tea dance, lunches, suppers, bell peals, the Vicarage garden party, Joyce S’s Quilt of many Colours, Joyce A’s homemade pudds, Angela’s jam, Sue’s poetry book and many donations. It was lovely to join together and have fun and all for such a worthy cause.

Here are some words from Emily Gray (The Chief Executive of PF Mind) :

Peterborough and Fenland Mind (PF Mind) were absolutely delighted to be chosen as the charity benefitting from the Summer Fundraiser this year. I visited St Mary’s on Sunday 24th July to talk about the charity and what we do. PF Mind are an independent local charity delivering free services to people in Peterborough, south Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire who are experiencing poor mental health.

I talked about what mental health means to us as individuals – we are all aware of our physical health and are often happy to talk openly about this. Not only this but we actively do things to promote good physical health – eating well, exercising, and drinking plenty of water and not too much alcohol. But there is still stigma attached to mental health and this is what we need to challenge. To us, mental health means anything from feeling a bit stressed or low to being diagnosed with a complex condition. Mental health affects all of us – 1 in 4 will experience a diagnosed mental health problem at some point in our lives, but everyone will have periods of low mood or feeling stressed or panicked. It is important to recognise the early signs of this, and actively identify and do things that make us feel good to promote good mental health – this could be spending time with friends and family, having a nice bubble bath, walking the dog, or spending time with nature.

Sue and Abbi kept us updated over the summer as various fundraising activities took place – these were everything from bake sales to concerts! We didn’t however know how much money was being raised, so I was really looking forward to visiting again on Sunday 25th September, this time just to enjoy the service and collect the cheque. Sue had hinted that the team were pleased with the amount, but no one at PF Mind could have anticipated the huge amount raised!

You can see from the photo how bowled over I was by the amount raised, which turned out to be £2,560 in total! This is a huge amount of money, and will all go directly towards supporting people in Peterborough.

£500 of this money will go towards Connecting Mums, which is a service for pregnant women and new mums experiencing post-natal mental health problems – 8 mums attend each week for 6 weeks and this service is based on the principles of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. We don’t currently get funding for childcare, which can put barriers in place and mean some mums can’t attend, but £500 provides qualified crèche facilities for the entire course so that mums are able to attend and engage with the material and with the other mums.

The remaining funds raised will go towards our Wellbeing and Recovery programme, a service that we are very proud of. People living in Peterborough are able to access the service without a GP referral or even a diagnosis – it is enough to ring us up and ask to access the service. We will use these funds towards two Anger Management courses – each course allows for up to 10 women and 10 men. This is a much needed service that isn’t currently funded, but that we see a high demand for, and really makes a different to people’s lives.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed towards the Summer Fundraiser, and to Sue and Abbi and the team for all your efforts! It has been a pleasure working with you all. For more information on our services, please visit

A BIG Thank you to everyone who organised events and activities and to all who attended and supported them, who gave so generously and who helped and supported us in any way. It was marvellous to see the joy on Emily’s face when she received the cheque on 25th September at our Harvest Festival service of Thanksgiving. We have much enjoyed working with Emily over the summer months and have been really inspired by her energy and enthusiasm and the dedication to her role.

In addition to the money raised for PF Mind, we also raised another £850 which will help fund improvements to the church to benefit the people and community groups who use our church and centre.

Thank you to everyone for such a successful fundraising campaign and our prayers will continue for Emily and her staff and all who will be benefitting from the excellent services and support they will receive from PF Mind.