Safeguarding - Our Responsibility

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St Mary’s takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and expects correct procedures to be followed at all times. We have adopted in full all the relevant policies issued by Peterborough Diocese. These apply to every area of activity of the Church and its members. We expect anyone involved with either children or vulnerable adults to be familiar with these documents.


St Mary's Policy Documents

St Mary's Safeguarding Children  and Vulnerbale Adults:  Policy and Procedure (15 pages)


Peterborough Diocese

Diocesan Safeguarding Pages



If you have questions or concerns you wish to discuss, please speak to either Rev. Michael Moore or Jayne Ellisour Parish Safeguarding Officer.

Further advice can be sought from the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer.

Carole Fitzsimons

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Diocese of Peterborough

The Diocesan Office

The Palace

Minster Precincts


PE1 1YB  


Direct Dial: 01733 887040

Fax: 01733 555271


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